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Who is cycling along the A10?

Sambor Czarnawski-Illiev.

I first found out about the campaign when my family did the 2017 A10  Annual Awareness Ride. My Mum spoke to Susan van de Ven, and they decided that my position is great for potential helping of the Campaign.

I live in Royston and go to school in Melbourn Village College; every day I cycle to the bus stop which takes me there.
For 1 term the bus costs over £70, and it leaves 10 minutes earlier than it easily could. After school it leaves an hour after school finishes so for that hour I just have to wait. Just. Wait.
If I could cycle to school using a safe bicycle path, I wouldn’t be tied to the bus schedule; I would be able to wake up later, have much less rushed mornings, go back from school at the normal time, and save over £70 a term (increasing my pocket money by a huge amount, but that’s another matter). ​



Ann Smith

I live in Royston, and work for AstraZeneca on the Melbourn Science Park.  I cycle to and from work on the A10 path 4 days a week in most weathers.  I am determined to use my bike where I can, but the path surface, and the challenge of crossing both the A505 and the A10 in rush hour in both directions, is substantial.  This does lead me to use the A10 itself, southbound in particular, quite often, which I do want to avoid.  A bridge and a proper surface would attract many more users I am sure.


Jens Richter, Harston (GP at Orchard Surgery, Melbourn)

I cycle on the A10 path at least three times a week, commuting from Harston-Melbourn-Harston. Reason for cycling: it improves my wellbeing and fitness, reduces my CO2 footprint and is a good example for others.

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Sarah Hinton

My name is Sarah Hinton and I work in Harston and live in Meldreth. I cycle 3 or 4 times a week all year round and am greatly appreciating the new cycle-path. I usually see about 4 other cyclists on my way to work and on the way home. There are also a few pedestrians, who are much easier to pass safely with the wider path. I cycle into Cambridge now and then and Royston too,although crossing the A505 has to be done very carefully – a bridge over the A505 would persuade me to almost always cycle rather than drive into Royston!


Marie Cullberg

I live in Cambridge, and work for AstraZeneca in Melbourn Science Park. I cycle to work on the A10 path 1-2 times a week. On the other days I take the train to Meldreth and cycle from there. I really enjoy cycling, and feel energized by the exercise I get in the morning. In the evenings, however, when going to Meldreth station it is usually very dark, in particular on the public path across the field, but also along on the road under the A10. Some more lights would be appreciated.


Ian Driver, Foxton

On my 7.15 am cycle commute from Foxton to Bottisham this morning, I encountered four bikes heading south and three north. This is in the 4 minutes and 45 seconds it took me to cycle the new path from Foxton to Harston. I’ve used the path sixteen times in the last two weeks. I cycle to work because to my destination across most of Cambridge, it’s the easiest, most reliable way to commute. The new path is a revelation, especially on dark and windy nights. For longer distance cycle commuting, uninterrupted decent quality surfaces are vital. It’s good to see such an efficient way to get around designed back into a transport system that has had it effectively designed out. I look forward to a day when we have complete routes that connect places people wish to travel to rather than just stretches. Would you build a road upgrade in segments every other year and expect people to use it before it connects places?


Tim Bedford, Barrington

I live on the north end of Barrington and work in Melbourn and I cycle to work as often as possible. I always used to go through the village and up through Shepreth but when the Shepreth Lakes to Frog End section of A10 cycle path was made I started using that. At least I did until the gate at the level crossing was locked and then reverted to my old route. But now that the gate is finally operational again I have returned to the A10 route. I look forward to when the Foxton to Shepreth Lakes section has been improved and also when there will be traffic island near the Weavers Shed.

 I am certain that if there is ever decent cycle paths from Melbourn all the way into Cambridge you will see a large increase in the number of people using it.



William Bains, Melbourn

I live in Melbourn, and I cycle to the centre of Cambridge and back for work about 50 times a year (I work part-time in Cambridge). I cycle because it is healthier, much cheaper, and at 8:00 in the morning it is actually faster than driving.

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Aidan Van de Weyer, Barrington

I cycle from Barrington to central Cambridge or Addenbrooke’s most days. I never have to worry about traffic delay and it is sometimes quicker than driving at rush hour. Whichever route I take, there are some very good sections and some very unpleasant and dangerous parts. The new path from Foxton to Harston has transformed what was one of the nastiest sections into a pleasant and attractive route for anyone on a bicycle as well as for people on foot or on mobility scooters. When the improvements are done in Harston, we will have an off-road path all the way from Foxton to Cambridge, and I will be one of its most devoted users.

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Julie Stobbart, Foxton

I live in Foxton & work in central Cambridge. I try to cycle this commute a minimum of three times a week throughout the year, in the good weather much more. The route has various challenges, and poor sections to negotiate, eg Harston, a choice of A10 traffic & narrow lanes or a narrow foot way with many concealed entrances. However, the satisfaction cycling gives me, the health benefits, the speed & efficiency of it all has made this a worthwhile & joyous pursuit and the new section (Foxton-Harston) is simply transformative. As a cyclist I am very aware that traffic density is growing rapidly. If we can achieve a cycle link right through to Cambridge I am convinced that more and more people will start giving up on their slow drives & see the great benefits of cycling.

Vivienne Brown, Melbourn

I commuted to London for 12 years until 2013, when I retired. For the last three of those years I joined the ranks of the mildly insane who used their bikes to get to and from the stations; in my case, from home to Royston, then King’s Cross to Westminster and of course back again in the evening. Cycling on my trusty Brompton transformed my commute. The cycle rides lifted my mood, increased my fitness, admitted me to the exalted company of fellow Bromton-ites and saved me from the horror of the Tube. In addition to all that, I shed pounds – painlessly. Since retiring, the only thing I have missed about work is the commute. 

One big improvement to my commuting experience would have been safe and well-maintained cycle paths on the routes I used. There are plenty more like me out there, who cycle for work, leisure, pleasure and fitness – and if you use a bike, you see them.

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Dominic Magirr, Trumpington

I work at Melbourn Science Park and commute by bike almost every day. The main reason is that I enjoy it. I’d like to see more people cycle, and I’m sure they will if the route is made easier with improved infrastructure.

Susan van de Ven, Meldreth

I use a bicycle to travel to all my meetings and appointments in villages along the A10. I also use my bike for most food shopping, using many different village shops en route. Travelling to Cambridge, I tend to use a folding bicycle and complete my journey by train, though sometimes I cycle all the way. This is much easier with the new Foxton-Harston path. Door to door, there is not much difference in terms of journey time. While I am always the slowest cyclist on the go and end up counting the number of cyclists who pass me, still I end up passing cars queuing or looking for parking places.

Using a bicycle for lots of ten or fifteen minute rides means getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, which keeps me healthy and in a good frame of mind. Having been in poor health in my twenties, I am now in my fifties and as healthy as I have ever been. In the winter, cycling keeps me warm. I do own a car but I spend very little on petrol.

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Matt Chandler

I work at Sagentia on the Harston Mill site on the A10. I cycle to work almost every day, mainly because I enjoy it and from Cambridge it can be quicker!
A significant number of people on the Harston Mill site also cycle to work and use sections of the A10 to get to and from work. It would be great to increase the number of people walking and cycling to the site. Safe and efficient infrastructure is key. Aside from those paths that have been improved, cycle paths are in poor condition. The A10 itself is an extremely hostile place for any cyclist. I’ve seen how creating safe, high quality cycle paths triggers huge increases in cycling over a relatively short period. This opens up truly viable alternative ways of travelling to work, school, shops etc.

Shane Raison, Royston

I work at Urban Plastics on the Cherry Park industrial site in Cambridge Road, Melbourn, and cycle there and back from Royston every day. There are always about six others doing the same journey at the same time as me. The bus fare was costing me about £125 per month, so I am saving. The A10 path is in terrible condition and the journey is very dangerous.

Mike Prior-Jones, Cambridge

I work at TTP on Melbourn Science Park. I have a folding bike and take it on the train from Cambridge to Meldreth station and then cycle to the office. I probably drive to work once a week on average, mostly if I have to visit a client’s site. I much prefer cycling to driving, not least because it can be just as quick given the traffic around Cambridge. I’d very much like to be able to cycle all the way to the office without having to contend with traffic on the A10, and the improvements to the cycle path are really encouraging. I think a lot more of my colleagues would be inclined to cycle to work if they felt safe doing it.

Tommy Dann, Newton

I cycle to work 3-4 times a week. I started off cycling to work (approx. 5 years ago) as I used it as a way to add some fitness to my working day. I started to enjoy it for more than just fitness reason so therefore continued. Now it is my way to commute to work unless I have a particularly long day. I never enjoy driving in as it is always a lottery as to how long the 6 mile journey is going to take due to the traffic. By cycling into work I feel I am doing my bit to relieve the traffic. Other benefits are that you know how long the journey will take so it is easier to plan your travel, I save a lot of money on petrol and it gives me an early morning buzz as I have done some exercise. The cycle to work from Newton, on the whole, is great; however, in an ideal world what would be great is if the new cycle path that starts at the end of Harston and takes you over the M11 and brings you out before the park and ride went all the way into Cambridge centre. Easier said than done I suppose but that would give even more incentive for people to cycle.

Jeannette White, Melbourn

I am very grateful the cycle path is along the main road from the Weaver’s Shed to the crossroads at Shepreth. As a mobility scooter user it makes getting to my mother’s at Fowlmere so much easier. If I went the back way past the Bird Reserve the drivers of cars would not be happy. I would love to be able to get to Royston on my scooter but would be very scared of crossing the by-pass. Yes there are buses but on a nice day as I have a scooter I would rather use it. I would also be able to get to my doctor’s at Burns Road so I could get an appointment any time rather than time it with the buses. I am for a safe passage from Melbourn to Royston using my scooter as I love to get out rather than stay in.