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From John S 24 Dec 2013
Your idea: We are now at the point where we should be making our voices heard to ensure that this project gets the support it deserves and Mike S made this point is great letter to the Crow.

However, personally, I find I am unsure of what the most pertinent present aspects of the campaigns are and who we should be writing to about this.

How about select viable intermediate goals in creating the A10 corridor and who we could campaign to for each?

Example of an effective location specific local campaigning website:

From John N 16/Nov/2013

How about getting the bridge at TL343413 opened up for cycle use?  May need negotiation of permissive use along the route.  The bridge is currently physically blocked on the Cambridgeshire side.  It would create good access to Royston from the Mordens, Littlington and Bassingbourn.

From the last meeting
Submitted on 2013/06/07 at 12:35 pm
News ideas that came up at the last A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign include:
Guided cycle tours of the A10 corridor – including our beautiful villages and many lovely attractions dotted around.
Travel for Work survey of local businesses – are they signed up?

Submitted on 2013/06/01 at 8:04 am

Ian D Hows about an idea board for the website?