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Maintenance of Greenways – a proposal

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The report can be viewed or downloaded here

Presentation to the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership on Melbourn-Royston Bridge

Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) invited the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign to discuss the proposed cycle link between Melbourn and Royston, which would include a bridge over the A505.

Aidan Van de Weyer from the Campaign went to the December meeting of the LEP gave this presentation. A PDF of the presentation can be viewed or downloaded here

The LEP Board was very supportive of the huge benefits that this route could bring to Melbourn and Royston. It will be able to consider contributing to the funding the bridge along other bodies and the private sector.

The report from Sustrans detailing their vision for Royston

Sustrans have had a vision for improving cycling conditions in Royston for many years. They have kindly shared their vision for the town with us which goes into great detail of the past, present and future visions for the town. View or download the report here.

Harston path options

Posted 17 April 2013

Summary of meeting between A10 corridor cycling campaign group and Patrick Joyce (Cambridgeshire County Council Cycling Officer) held on 15th April 2013

Attendees: Patrick Joyce, Ralph Betts, Mike Stapleton, Rupert Gooding, Aidan Van de Weyer, Barbara Gowling
Apology: Susan Van de Ven

After considerable discussion, it was felt that the main priority should be to improve the path along Harston High Street. The main reason for this was that paths that “by-pass” Harston offer limited value to Harston residents.

Patrick Joyce offered to revisit his report on possible improvements to the A10 bike path with a particular focus on updating the proposed improvements to Harston High Street. Suggestions for improving this section are welcome.

It was also felt that improvement (laying a tarmacadam bike path) of the bridleway from the A10 (near the junction leading to Hauxton) to Haslingfield would be desirable.

Similarly, improvement (laying a tarmacadam bike path) of the path from the bridleway above to Button End would also be desirable however a change of designation from footpath to bridleway would be necessary.

If the improvements in the two paragraphs above are made, this offers a good (but slightly longer) A10 bike path alternative to Harston High Street and a branch to Haslingfield. Please refer to the 1:25,000 OS map to see the routes under consideration.

Patrick Joyce offered to lend bike event signs to the A10 group for the bike ride on 19th May. Mike Stapleton will coordinate this.

Ralph Betts

Patrick Joyce provided 7 detailed PDF maps of the Harston area to aid route planning. These maps can be viewed or downloaded here Map1 Map2 Map3 Map4 Map5 Map6 Map7

posted Feb 2013

Report detailing the options for imporovments to the Harston area. Read the report here
A larger version of the Google Earth image in the report can be seen here

Report detailing the current situation towards the north end of the A10, Frog End to Harston: Harston Shepreth Frog End

The current situation regarding the whole of the A10 corridor
posted Feb 2013
Report by Sutrans from November 2012 detailing the current situation and recommended improvements. View here