About & Constitution

Little has been done to the cycle infrastructure of the A10 corridor between Royston and Cambridge for over a quarter of a century. There is very little in the way of infrastructure connecting the villages in between. This campaign was set up to improve and promote cycling conditions for people of all ages and abilities who would like to be able to choose to use a bicycle as a means of transport or for general health and leisure in this area

The following constitution approved and adopted at the General Meeting 14th. May 2013 held at the Elin Way Community Centre, Meldreth. It is intended the constitution, together with any amendments deemed necessary or expedient to the aims of the Group, shall be ratified at the 2013 Annual General Meeting provisionally set for 23rd. September.



The name of the Group shall be ‘A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign’ (hereafter referred to as the Group).


To improve and promote cycling conditions within the area (with a focus on safety) for people of all ages and abilities who choose to use a bicycle as a means of sustainable and/or affordable means of transport or for general health and leisure.


Activities of the group will include, but not be limited to:-

Organisation of events and outings as a social gathering for pleasure and/or to raise awareness.
Lobbying of Members of Parliament, County, Town, District or Parish Councils and other appropriate authorities with attendance at, or input to, planning meetings for land or highway development where the group may deem to have an interest.
Liaison with Councils, The Highways Agency and other appropriate authorities regarding safety issues, maintenance, repairs, improvements and upgrades to existing thoroughfares and facilities where the group may deem to have an interest.
Liaison with the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television and through the Group’s website) for the purposes of public support and awareness.
Association with other cycling organisations, both local and national, whose aims are broadly similar to those of the Group or where their area is adjacent (e.g. The City of Cambridge).


The area covered by the group shall be the A10 corridor between Royston and Cambridge, including routes to and from villages on either side of the A10.

The ‘Axis’ of the area runs in a straight line from the centre of Royston (Royston Cave) to the Ticketing Centre at the Trumpington Park & Ride. The ‘area of operations’ is defined as all public land and rights of way relating to road transport (roads, highways, thoroughfares, bridleways, footpaths) falling within 2 miles from any point along the axis. Any town, village or hamlet having over 50% of its area within the Group’s area shall be considered as fully included as shown by the appropriate parish boundary, however the City of Cambridge is excluded. The area may be amended in accordance with paragraph 8, Changes to the Constitution.

As the area covers two administrative county regions, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, the bulk being in Cambridgeshire, it is proposed that the main Group shall focus on Cambridgeshire while the focus on Hertfordshire will be achieved by formation of a Royston sub-group.


Membership shall be open to all persons and bodies in agreement with these aims on payment of an annual subscription at the Annual General Meeting and will run from one AGM to the next. Prospective members wishing to join between AGMs may be accepted at a reduced subscription proportional to the time remaining before the next AGM. Honorary membership may be given by the Committee to any individual who may be influential in furthering the aims of the Group. Only paid members will have voting rights at General Meetings and the AGM. The Committee has the right to refuse, suspend or cancel any membership, giving an appropriate reason – however the member will have right of appeal at the next AGM and shall be entitled to a proportionate refund of the subscription. A junior membership category (under 16 years), with a reduced subscription, shall be considered by the Committee for possible introduction at the 2013 Annual General Meeting.


All General Meetings, the AGM and some events (as decided by the Committee) shall be open to the public, the only restrictions to public admittance being the observation of fire and safety regulations limiting the capacity of the chosen venue.


The Group shall be governed by a committee consisting of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and three other members. These shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting to be held in the autumn of each year. Members shall receive at least two weeks’ notice of the AGM and any other General Meetings that may be called from time to time. The committee may co-opt members to replace any who may resign during the course of a year; and may also co-opt up to three additional members during any 12-month period between AGMs. The Royston sub-group shall be entitled to nominate one member of the committee. The committee may appoint from within its ranks, or from its members, any additional officers that may be deemed necessary (e.g. Vice Chair, Membership Secretary, Publicity Officer, Events Manager). The AGM shall receive the accounts, preferably audited. Minutes shall be taken at all meetings and presented for endorsement at the next meeting of the same category (General / AGM / Committee).

**Any resolution not received by the committee before their last meeting prior to the AGM may not be acted upon until after the following AGM except for emergency motions or at the discretion of the new committee.**


Any amendments to the constitution shall be made at a properly convened General Meeting of members; as shall any decision to suspend or disband the Group and dispose of any funds that may be left.


Resolutions at a General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting require a majority vote to be passed.
For Committee Meetings a quorum shall be 50% of the Committee.
Any resolution or amendment that might result in insolvency of the Group shall not be considered.
Two weeks notice is required for any resolution to be considered at an appropriate meeting and unless proposed by a Committee member should bear the support of at least three other paid members.


It is intended that the main vehicle for communication of forthcoming events, notice and venue of meetings, minutes of General and AGM meetings (but not minutes of Committee Meetings) shall be the Group Website http://www.a10corridorcycle.com The Group Website shall also act as a forum for ideas and ‘notice board’ for events and video clips pertinent to the aims of the Group. A condition for membership is an agreement by the prospective member neither to post to the Group Website any material against the broad interests of the Group nor any comments which may be considered malicious, harmful, discriminatory or offensive in any way. Failure by a member to observe this condition (as decided by the Committee) shall result in termination of membership. Prospective members not having regular access to a computer with internet facilities may request notice of forthcoming meetings by telephone on the membership application form.

End of Document.