Cambridge cycle Safari

Cycle Safari to examine the best and worst of infrastructure in and around Cambridge


On Saturday 23rd of March 2013 the Cambridge Cycling Campaign organised an infrastructure safari to examine the best and worst of cycle facilities in and around Cambridge. The event was attended by the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, Ely Cycle as well as other enthusiastic interested parties from as far as Brent and Ipswich. A good turnout of local riders came along too

The first point of note was on the way to the start. The days snow had forced me to use the gritted road in Harston which is littered with traffic calming islands making it difficult for cars to safely pass.You then have to negotiate the M11 slip roads before hitting a proper cycle facility. The new Hauxton path really can’t come soon  enough. I then entered the Trumpington park & ride and joined the cycle track next to the guided busway


After Harston and Hauxton, this is like entering a different dimension. Even on a day of persistent sleet and snow, this route was still well used by cyclists and walkers. The cycle track on the side of the guided busway is one of the real success stories of the project. To be away from roads entirely has brought this scheme so many dimensions. As well as daily transport commuting, it also appeals as a leisure facility to cycles, walkers, runners, dog walkers and one roller blader! It certainly reinforces a view that cycle facilities can work very effectively adjacent to present infrastructure such as railway lines

I then met up with the main group at the start