£300K for A10 Cycle Path Improvements

Cambridgeshire County Council’s bid to the Department for Transport for £300K toward cycling infrastructure in our area has been successful. This is part of a larger £4 million bid for the greater Cambridge area. The A10 portion of the bid was made specifically in response to the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign initiative and indeed one of the criteria for the grant is a demonstration by the County Council that it is working with community groups.  Officially our section of the bid is called ‘Cycle Links to Foxton Station’ – again meeting various criteria and designed to give us the best chance of success.

The Campaign was asked by the County Council at its June meeting how it would recommend any funding be spent, and to indicate whether it would support a 2 metre-wide cycle path or a 2.5 metre-standard. The sum of £300K will pay for roughly 1 kilometre of cycle path so it is a case of patiently working the A10 section by section. The consensus was to tackle the worst stretch of the A10 off-road path in the vicinity of Foxton, from Foxton Bottom to the Shepreth Frog End junction, and to go for a 2.5 metre path in order to establish a high standard for the future. One benefit of improving this particular stretch is that it helps to link several villages, including places of work and education. There are many details to be worked out and confirmed but at least this is a very positive first step.