A reminder that paths aren’t just for bicycles

Another letter we have received. Cycles aren’t the only way to get from A to B. The paths benefit far more than just cycles:

I am very grateful the cycle path is along the main road from the Weaver’s Shed to the crossroads at Shepreth. As a mobility scooter user it makes getting to my mother’s at Fowlmere so much easier.  If I went the back way past the Bird Reserve the drivers of cars would not be happy.
I would love to be able to get to Royston on my scooter but would be very scared of crossing the by-pass. Yes there are buses but on a nice day as I have a scooter I would rather use it. I would also be able to get to my doctor’s at Burns Road so I could get an appointment any time rather than time it with the buses.
I am for a safe passage from Melbourn to Royston using my scooter as I love to get out rather than stay in.