Consultations begin for Harston path

To summarise the Harston path details

Harston Village Path: See attached plan from Cambridgeshire County Council for a continuous 3-metre wide off-road dual use path on the west side of the High Street.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The path would be adjacent to the road, and a one-metre wide verge would be created between the path and private driveways.

The public consultation events are at Harston Village Hall on November 10 or 30, both from 6-8PM. If positive support is NOT expressed, this will damage the prospects for the plan going forward and the funding could be spent on another scheme elsewhere. If all goes well, work could start around March 2016 and take three months to complete.

If you can’t attend the consultation, then please express your support and any suggestions for improvement by filling out the online survey here

Detail is on the County Council website here