Further consultation meeting for Foxton level crossing gate

We have received the following information:

Network Rail have only just released the attached notice of a public consultation meeting next week, 14 December,2-7PM, Foxton Village Hall, regarding modifications to their proposal to close the Barrington Road pedestrian crossing gate at Foxton Level Crossing.

A flyer can be found here:


and more information can be seen here:


They made this information available to Foxton Parish Council during a visit to a Foxton PC meeting, but have done nothing else yet to publicize the meeting to the wider community.

Essentially, the modification is the inclusion of a three-metre wide pedestrian/cycleway alongside the Barrington side of the A10 itself as it passes over the tracks. This would involve a shifting of the highway by three metres as it passes over the level crossing.

The modification means that through-pedestrian and cycle traffic need not cross the A10 twice over, in order to leave and re-join the new A10 pedestrian/cycle path, so this is a significant improvement over the original proposal.  There is also a proposed path through the copse of trees on the peninsula of land abutting the Barrington Rd near the junction with the A10, to shorten the route round to the main Barrington Road stretch.

However Cambridgeshire County Council Rights of Way officers have not to date given their approval for the proposed modifications and there are some outstanding concerns.

Would pedestrians and cyclists be as safe using the proposed new passageway as they currently are using the Barrington Road gate?
It is not clear how much the project would cost, where the funding would come from, and to what degree the various components indicated on the plan are aspirational.  When asked how long it would take to implement the proposal,which would require a variety of legal permissions and funding streams, the answer was seven years.   We are assured that the gate would not be closed off until the new arrangements are implemented.