Latest news and we could do with some help.

·       As you will have seen, the Harston path is now complete.  The April meeting will offer a chance to hear any feedback.

·       Efforts continue for funding for the Royston-Melbourn link. While much progress has been made in terms of securing financial pledges from various parties on both sides of the border, the critical and much anticipated support from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership has been set back due to the recent migration of the LEP to the new mayoralty layer of local government.

·       An approach has been made for support from the Herts LEP.

·       The Greater Cambridge Partnership is currently undertaking a business case review of the Melbourn-Royston link, and a report will be considered by the GCP Board this summer.  Meanwhile, the GCP ‘Greenways’ project identifies the Melbourn-Royston link as an integral component.

·       Councillors are working together cross-border, all-party, and together with our MPs, on the Melbourn-Royston link.

·       Thanks to those who’ve supported the Community Sweeper pilot by volunteering to drive the South Cambs street sweeping vehicle along the completed sections of the A10 cycle path.  Following extensive training, a first test run is due to take place this Friday, heading out from Wyevale Garden Centre who’ve kindly offered to host the vehicle.

·       A couple of admin jobs could use some extra input – if you are available or would like to know more, we’d love to hear from you.  These mainly involve small pieces of writing for Royston bridge grant applications.

Situations Vacant for A Communication with Outside Media Person. Minimal hours, Salary £0.00 but there could be an enormous level job satisfaction if and when we ever get this bridge over the A505 and path from Royston-Melbourn…!

Imagine a school leaver or 6th form student from Melbourn or Royston going for his first job interview and the interviewer says: “Is there anything else you could tell me about yourself Bloggs”? 
Bloggs replies…”Well, Mr Potential Employer, I’m pleased you asked me that because actually yes there is. A local pressure group that is campaigning for a bridge and cycle path was needing a A Communication with Outside Media Person, so I volunteered my services. 
I have regular contact with various campaigners, these include local County Councillors and Council Officers as well as local campaigners that come from all walks of life. I also have contact with reporters from the Cambridge News and Royston Crow local newspapers. 
It can be very frustrating but overall I like the challenge that this all brings. I haven’t earned any money but I have learned a lot whilst doing this work and it has been a very worthwhile experience.’
People like Bloggs can get offered jobs – people like us can help provide Bloggs with these opportunities