Spaces to breathe with Camcycle

We are delighted to be supporting, and would love our members to support, Camcycles’ Spaces to breath campaign and for our members to sign their letter.

Taken from the Camcycle website: “During the coronavirus pandemic we would like to help people stay active while protecting themselves and others, by identifying areas where it is hard to keep at least 2m away from people when walking or cycling and proposing temporary measures to reallocate space away from motor traffic while the roads are quieter. This would help widen existing walking and cycling routes and provide alternatives to those that are busy or narrow. It would also help tackle the rise in speeding drivers which has been a sad side-effect of the wide, empty streets.”

To se the full article and to sign their letter, go to Camcycle Spaces to breath.

We hope you can support this. It’s been a delight to see so many bikes out and about. Let’s help create an environment where this can continue.