Further consultation meeting for Foxton level crossing gate

We have received the following information:

Network Rail have only just released the attached notice of a public consultation meeting next week, 14 December,2-7PM, Foxton Village Hall, regarding modifications to their proposal to close the Barrington Road pedestrian crossing gate at Foxton Level Crossing.

A flyer can be found here:


and more information can be seen here:


They made this information available to Foxton Parish Council during a visit to a Foxton PC meeting, but have done nothing else yet to publicize the meeting to the wider community.

Essentially, the modification is the inclusion of a three-metre wide pedestrian/cycleway alongside the Barrington side of the A10 itself as it passes over the tracks. This would involve a shifting of the highway by three metres as it passes over the level crossing.

The modification means that through-pedestrian and cycle traffic need not cross the A10 twice over, in order to leave and re-join the new A10 pedestrian/cycle path, so this is a significant improvement over the original proposal.  There is also a proposed path through the copse of trees on the peninsula of land abutting the Barrington Rd near the junction with the A10, to shorten the route round to the main Barrington Road stretch.

However Cambridgeshire County Council Rights of Way officers have not to date given their approval for the proposed modifications and there are some outstanding concerns.

Would pedestrians and cyclists be as safe using the proposed new passageway as they currently are using the Barrington Road gate?
It is not clear how much the project would cost, where the funding would come from, and to what degree the various components indicated on the plan are aspirational.  When asked how long it would take to implement the proposal,which would require a variety of legal permissions and funding streams, the answer was seven years.   We are assured that the gate would not be closed off until the new arrangements are implemented.

Santa awareness ride 2016

Like to dress up and ride your bike? Our second dress up as Santa (or an elf if you wish) and ride around Royston will be on the 10th 0f December

The purpose of the ride is both to highlight the cycle routes around the town and to raise awareness of the need for creating a safe crossing over the A505/A10 junction, which has yet to find a source of funding. This is a particularly nasty junction. We know people are put off travelling this route by bicycle because of this crossing.


The route will roughly be as shown below but finishing at Royston Heath (where there is a cafe :-))


Harston scheme approved and other news

The County Council Economy and Environment Committee today gave final approval for the Harston pedestrian/cycle scheme. Funding has already been secured from the Department for Transport. Actual work will start next year – details to come.

The latest Camcycle newsletter has a good write up of other schemes that were approved in Cambridge that will be relevant to people who travel to Cambridge.

The City Deal Board today was asked to consider part funding the Melbourn-Royston scheme. The reply was that funding bids for the overall scheme are already in the pipeline, but that the City Deal is fully supportive of the overall Cambridge-Royston scheme. I’ve requested a meeting with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership regarding funding for the Melbourn-Royston scheme and this will take place next month.

Questions about the missing milestone on the Shepreth-Foxton path: the milestone is being refurbished and will return.

Questions about brambles, junctions and other matters have been referred directly to officers, to whom thanks for their quick responses.

News update – November 2016

  1. The ‘sod cutting ceremony’ for the start of works on the Shepreth-Melbourn cycleway took place on 24 October.  Construction is now underway from the northern end of the route at Dunsbridge Turnpike Shepreth.  It is happily ironic that while the overall Cambridge-Royston A10 cycle link scheme did not receive City Deal Tranche 1 funding, this segment of the project is City Deal funded and is the very first ‘spade in the ground’ for City Deal.  The rest of the scheme has thus far been funded by Department for Transport ‘Cycling Ambition’ grant.


  1. Melbourn-Royston link – funding is needed. Cambridgeshire County Council, Hertfordshire County Council and The City Deal are strongly supportive of efforts by the Cambs/Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership to secure funding for this final section, which crosses a county border but falls entirely within the Cambs/Pet LEP remit.  A meeting with the LEP has been requested and a positive response received.


  1. Royston campaigners have provided huge support to the overall campaign since its inception but there is understandable concern that nothing has yet been achieved in practical terms for  safe access out of Royston an onto the A10 corridor – lots of irons in the fire but the route is increasingly dangerous, with severe deterioration of the off-road track. To help keep this element of our campaign strong we have planned two events:


Informal get-together, Jolly Postie, Royston, 30 November 7:30PM

Santa cycle ride around Royston, 10 December, 10:30AM , from Royston Station –

Same Sustrans route as last year, suitable for families, with Santa hats and decorated bicycles.  It was agreed at our recent meeting that this should be an annual event, until the path-and-bridge link is in place.  We will not be fundraising this time, just raising awareness.  Please do come along. The start time is designed to work with the train timetable.


  1. Works around Foxton Level Crossing:  Much planned work is currently taking place to final surfacing of the path, but urgent need for signage directing through cyclists to proceed via the Barrington Rd pedestrian gate over the level crossing has been flagged up.  Meanwhile we are awaiting Network Rail’s response to the recent public consultation on their proposal to close the Barrington Road level crossing gate, which would effectively sever the new A10 path.


  1. A final decision on the Harston cycle scheme takes place at the Cambs County Council Economy and Environment Committee November 10.  If this is successful, then work would probably commence around summer 2017.


  1. Maintenance:  After all the works at Foxton, Shepreth and Melbourn are completed, Cambridgeshire County Council will tidy up the whole of the A10 cycle route including siding out, cutting back hedges and overhanging branches.  At that point, the AstraZeneca maintenance grant will kick in and we should see a much higher standard of maintenance.  The grant means that the A10 will be a uniquely well maintained path.


Our AGM will be held late January/early February upstairs at the Shepreth Plough – date to be confirmed shortly and we’ll let you know.

The road to Royston

The link from Melbourn to Royston is proving difficult to find funding for and keep on the agenda. To help this critical link moving along, we are engaging in the following activities:


The A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign will be pedalling around Royston on Saturday 10 December, setting off from Royston Station at 10:30AM and dressed in Santa gear. The purpose is to raise awareness of the urgent need for a safe off-road link between Melbourn and Royston. The overall Cambridge to Royston pedestrian/cycle scheme is progressing very well, with work now underway to connect Shepreth Frog End to Melbourn – and now the campaign is putting all its energies into the last mile.


All welcome at the Jolly Postie Royston on 30 November, 7:30PM, for an informal get-together to share ideas and get caught up on what we can do to achieve the Melbourn-Royston cycle link.