The annual awareness ride is back.

The A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign will hold its annual Awareness Ride on Sunday 25 September, setting off from Trumpington Park and Ride at 10AM, bound for Phillimore Garden Centre for refreshments. A walking and scooter contingent will set off from the Melbourn Hub at 10AM. Please bring your own drinks and do get in touch if you would like to help as a ride marshal or contribute any cakes – many thanks in anticipation.

Melbourn Greenway officers have been invited to join us so this will be a chance to share any concerns or ideas about proposals to extend the current route to Royston, divert between Church St Harston and Hauxton, and via the new planned Hauxton P&R.
Hoping to see you on the day!

Notice of AGM

The A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign will be holding its AGM and meeting to update members, on March 21, 7:30PM, via Zoom.   An agenda and link will be made available closer to the date.

Our Friend John Meadows

This month we’ve had to say farewell to John Meadows, a great friend and champion for safe cycling on the A10. He’s pictured here at Royston Town Hall a few years ago, third from left, following a meeting of the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign with Cambridgeshire County Council officer Simon Manville, who gave a sneak preview of the proposed Melbourn Greenway and the link to Royston, a scheme that was formally adopted by the Greater Cambridge Partnership in June 2020.

John was also at the inaugural meeting of the A10 Campaign in January 2013, with a big smile and ready to do absolutely anything necessary to make the bridge to Royston a reality. Every year he’d say, ‘it’s been 2-3-4-5-6-7-8! years – why haven’t we got the bridge yet?’ As a former Royston Town Councillor, he knew first-hand the bureaucracies of local government. Equally, he understood how vital it was to develop strong relationships in every quarter – and he was always the first to spot potential and cultivate these.

‘Keep smiling!’ John would always say, encouraging us on our way. His trademark red hair and red bicycles were emblematic of his unrestrained passion, and often at campaign meetings, Jill would put her hand gently on John’s arm. We all knew it was coming and indeed it was John’s passion that injected the fire we needed for the campaign – and after each meeting we knew we’d taken another step forward. Once when a tour was offered to a key official who wanted to experience first-hand the awful existing A10 path between Royston and Melbourn, John arranged to loan one of his bicycles for the occasion. He said to Jill with a grin, ‘Let’s make sure we pump up those tyres to the max. Those potholes need to be fully appreciated!’

A multitude of friendships and traditions have evolved out of the A10 Campaign, including the Tuesday morning Meldreth Marvels cycling group, in which John and Jill have taken part for many years. Still awaiting the safe link to Royston, John and Jill would load their bikes into the back of their car to make the short trip to Meldreth, cycling on with the Marvels from there. While ‘the last mile’ to Royston is still awaited, today the A10 corridor looks very different from when the A10 Campaign kicked off in 2013, and the Marvels always meander onto the network of cycle paths that now feature on the A10 corridor between Melbourn and Cambridge.

When the bridge to Royston is finally built, we’ll be there on its crest with our bicycles, toasting John.

Susan van de Ven

John is third from the left and Jill is next to him, wearing glasses and peeking out from the back row.

A10 Awareness Ride Comeback, Sunday 3 October

The A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign is delighted to announce the return of the annual A10 Awareness Ride, which takes place Sunday 3 October.

The family friendly ride departs from Trumpington Park and Ride at 10:30am, heading to Phillimore Garden Centre Melbourn for refreshments. The ride will stick to the dedicated off-road multi-use path and marshals will be stationed at all junctions and crossing points.

Campaign Chair and Cambs County Councillor Susan van de Ven said:

‘We’re delighted to be able to come together again for what has always been an annual event, like so many other things, missed out during last year’s lockdown.

For anyone who has yet to take up cycling for health, leisure, or work and college commuting, and doesn’t yet know the A10 cycle path, please come along. This will also be an opportunity to get updated on how the existing cycle network will be expanded and improved by the Greater Cambridge Partnership as part of the ‘Melbourn Greenway’ plan. Most notably, a path and bridge connecting Melbourn and Royston is in the plan and would absolutely transform local travel patterns and opportunities within a very small geography.’

Ride Leader and Royston resident Francis Sedgemore said:

‘We’d like to thank everyone who’s volunteered to help out as a marshal, or with refreshments. All key junctions and crossing points will be managed by our marshals. We’re really looking forward to welcoming families with young children on the ride once again. There is no charge for the ride – all you need to do is turn up.’

Terry Adams, Royston resident who commutes to work in South Cambs, said:

‘Until we have a pedestrian/cycle bridge over the A505, most people won’t be willing to risk cycling between Royston and South Cambs. The bridge and path connecting Royston and Melbourn can’t come soon enough.’

Camcycle CEO Roxanne De Beaux said: ‘It’s great to see an expansion of the cycle network into the villages. The Melbourn Greenway will make a huge improvement to the current A10 route and we’ve been delighted to support this project from its inception.’

This year’s Ride is hosted in partnership with Camcycle, representing the Cambridge end of the A10 corridor, and is supported also by Hertfordshire County and District Councillors.

Contact: Susan van de Ven, A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign chair, 0790532557

The big fun awareness ride is happening on October 3rd 2021

We’re delighted to announce that our annual family friendly A10 Awareness Ride will take place on Sunday October 3rd, setting off from Trumpington Park and Ride at 10:30AM and heading to Phillimore Garden Centre in Melbourn for refreshments. 

The ride will stick to the existing path and there will be a chance to learn about improvements to come with the Melbourn Greenway scheme.  

If you’d like to volunteer to help as a marshal or with refreshments, please let us know.

Meeting July 12th and Consultation closing

We have a general meeting on July 12th via Zoom. We hope you are well and getting about on your bikes more than ever and would love to see you.

The deadline for the Cambridgeshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan closes on July 13 – do please take a moment to respond if you can:

AGM details

We’ll be holding our next meeting, which will also be our AGM, on January 18, 7:30-8:30PM – this will be by Zoom, and we’ll send a link nearer the time. If you wish to be sent a link, contact us and we’ll send a link through closer to the time.

An Agenda can be viewed or downloaded here

The Annual Report can be viewed or downloaded here

The Treasurers Report can be viewed or downloaded here

The last meeting minutes can be viewed or downloaded here

Updated with reply: Thank you, AstraZeneca


We have received the following reply to the thank you notes from AstraZeneca:

Thank you Susan, this is lovely.  Makes it all worthwhile.  The A10cycle campaign is a great case study on how to progress complex projects by always maintaining positive relationships with all stakeholders, despite the challenges.

Best wishes Andy

Many thanks to all who wrote in.

We’ve some great notes from members of the cycle campaign thanking AstraZeneca for the exceptional support they have shown to the campaign. Here is a selection below:

From all at the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign

Your help with maintenance for the A10 path has been invaluable especially during the
Pandemic. The path has been very well maintained and as a result there has been a
dramatic increase in usage over the last year. It is normal to meet cyclists, children, walkers,
runners, mobility aids, dogs and even a horse. Thank you for allowing us use of your
conference room. It has been a really good relationship.
Many thanks.

The path has made such a difference to my cycling into and out of Cambridge and also
improved my running routes that head in that direction. The maintenance has allowed for
the distancing needed over the last9 months too.
Thanks AstraZeneca,

Thank you for your support in helping maintain this – it is truly appreciated

I work in a company on the same site in Babraham Research Campus where AZ has a
facility. The regions close to AZ sites all have great cycle paths with the most dangerous part
of my route being within 1 mile of Royston. Thank you AZ for supporting safe sustainable
and healthy cycle routes to work for the scientific community that have to travel from

Dear AstraZeneca,
Thank you for your generous contribution to maintain the A10 bike path. I have used it
regularly to commute to Cambridge in any weather, to go shopping, and — during lockdown
-also for family cycling and inline skating with the kids. Having the path fully functional
has greatly improved life in Meldreth.

Having this path maintained makes a huge difference especially at night. In addition to
general commuters the path does provide an almost entirely off-road route between the AZ
sites in Melbourn Science park and Academy/City House beside Cambridge station.
As a year-round commuter along the A10 path, that on the dark winter nights with car
headlights reducing visibility, having the path at its full width, cleared of debris and
overhanging branches, enables the path to be a real all round serious proposition for
commuting. It allows us to pass other users without having to get too close and generally
makes it a safer place to be for all types of users. Many thanks for the huge contribution you
have made.

Thank you AstraZeneca, for your fantastic support for the A10 Corridor cycling campaign
over the past few years. Particular thanks for providing a maintenance grant to help us keep
the path free from vegetation. Having a cycle path is one thing; having one that is
maintained so you can use the full width is quite another and it has been a real boon to me
as a walker, runner and cyclist. And in all those modes, I can use the path safely alongside
other users, because there is room for all of us to use the path without being too close to one
another – so important at this time. In short, you have contributed significantly to a major
improvement to many people’s lives. Thank you!
From a grateful Melbourn resident

We’ve been uniquely lucky to have AstraZeneca’s support in keeping the A10 path clear for
safe cycling all year round. The arrangement has given us some good ideas for a sustainable
long-term maintenance plan which we hope can be replicated in other parts of South Cambs
as well. Thank you for all the work behind the scenes to make this happen, and indeed for
your support from the very beginning. we’ve been very lucky to have you in Melbourn!
Many thanks,
Chair, A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign

We cycle the A10 path regularly for shopping trips, doctor/dentist visits in Cambridge and
often just for exercise! It is a joy to ride this path (especially at night) knowing it is clear of
brambles and low branches. Thank you, AstraZeneca, for providing such tangible and
practical support that directly benefits local people!
Ron and Julie

I have been very grateful for the verge maintenance on the A10 cycle path between Royston
and Melbourn over the last few years. Particularly in the dark the brambles and long grass
became hazardous as they grew over the narrow path. My commute has changed and so I
use the path much less frequently now, but I certainly did appreciate the maintenance on a
daily basis.
Best regards,

I’m writing to thank you for your support for the A10 cycle path over the past few years –
both for your political support through the GCP and for AZ’s direct contribution to path
maintenance. Having the support of such a prominent business has really helped make the
case for further investment in “active travel”by the local authorities. It has made a lasting
contribution to the local community, for which we are verygrateful. We look forward to
continuing to work with you and the AstraZeneca Cambridge team in the coming years.
Yours sincerely,
Vice Chair, A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign

Dear Astrazeneca,

Thank you for funding the A10 Cycle Path maintenance. I am a regular
commuter into Cambridge and see how quickly branches grow over the path
making it more difficult to ride. I see many riders coming the other way
during my commute and having full width of the path allows us to pass
safely without having to stop all the time. I’m sure that without
regular maintenance the path would become overgrown and less used
meaning fewer cycists and more cars on the road.

Thank you,