Santa awareness ride 2016

Like to dress up and ride your bike? Our second dress up as Santa (or an elf if you wish) and ride around Royston will be on the 10th 0f December

The purpose of the ride is both to highlight the cycle routes around the town and to raise awareness of the need for creating a safe crossing over the A505/A10 junction, which has yet to find a source of funding. This is a particularly nasty junction. We know people are put off travelling this route by bicycle because of this crossing.


The route will roughly be as shown below but finishing at Royston Heath (where there is a cafe :-))


Further consultation on the A10 path closure a Foxton announced

Leaflets have been arriving at houses along the A10 path detailing further consultation of the Barrington Road crossing that forms an integral part of the A10 path (see our previous post on the issue here

Consultation on the Cambridge area crossings will be on Thursday 8th of September (2.00PM to  7PM) at:

Hughes Hall

University of Cambridge

Wollaston Road


CB1 2EW the 29th

Sadly there are no details of a local consultation despite none of the proposed closures being in the city itself.

An online consultation will be live from 8th of September to the 29th of September at 

We will provide any detail that we can closer to the time.


Bikes versus Cars film coming to Cambridge

The film ‘Bikes versus Cars’ is to be screened at The Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge. For full details please have a click around the film’s own excellent website:

The screening is scheduled for 9.00pm on Monday 12th. September 2016. 25 tickets at £10.50 each will need to be pre-booked by 4th September for this showing to go ahead. If you are able to come along, please book now.

The Arts Picturehouse is an excellent cinema, food and drinks from their bar are available and they also allow you to take your bar drinks into the cinema.
If you wish to pre-book tickets please go to and click on ‘reserve tickets now at £10.50’.

Permanent closure of the A10 path at level crossing

Foxton Level Crossing gate closure

A sign has gone up at Foxton indicating that Network rail propose to permanently close the gate that forms part of the path and cycle byway along the course of the A10 to the west side of the A10.

Yes, this one:


Some members attended a recent local Rail Users Group meeting where this subject was addressed with a member of Network Rail staff present and it appears, to our astonishment, that they are serious. The alarming aspect is the proposal to mitigate the risk to users of the path, is to simply put a couple of islands in the middle of the A10 either side of the crossing, expecting you to cross over then back again to continue your journey.

This stretch of road sees 5 figure vehicle movements a day. Anyone who uses the A10 knows crossing twice is not an option, even with islands. We know from the lengthy period that the old broken gate was locked, that you have little choice but to take your chances on the A10, against the traffic if travelling south. When asked to provide a genuinely workable solution, we are told that there are not the funds available. They really do intend to blow a hole in the path that will prevent many users from being able to make journeys beside the A10.

Network Rail are proposing to close hundreds of gate crossings nationally, most in areas they class as rural (this is 7 miles from Kings College!). They claim this is on safety grounds. In many cases, they may well have a point but:

This gate though is not your typical out in the sticks uncontrolled gate.

This gate is:

  • Fully controlled, meaning it locks as a train approaches at the same time as the road barriers.

  • It is right below the signal box giving the signalman an excellent view of the crossing (the best view of the different crossings here).

  • The only viable option for some users such as people riding with their children etc.

  • Recently replaced with a reliable locking gate by Network Rail

Without the gate:

  • The crossing becomes so difficult that many people will cease to use the path

  • Force people to cross against the traffic on the West side

  • Need any person attempting to cross running at gaps in high speed traffic
  • The west side is largely out of view of the signalman and is a lot further to travel between the gates

  • Leave the area ill equipped to cope with the huge expansion in housing and employment that the area is seeing

Network Rail’s own statistics report that there were no incidents at this crossing at its last survey

What you can do:

  • Read the PDF details of the proposals here
  • Fill in the online survey here (you need to click on ‘Cambridge’ and its crossing ‘C06 Barrington Road’)
  • Write to  asking that they delay the decision until the whole crossing can be dealt with. It is known that in coming years the whole crossing will need to be shut and a solution for the road and path will need to be found

We can not stress how important this is. The rail users meeting quickly became heated. It was apparent very early on the Network Rail simply did not understand the situation. It was claimed on as couple of occasions that at a Cambridge based consultation that the proposal was supported by some cyclists. A member at the meeting says this is not the case and general feeling was the proposal was crazy. Everyone at the Rail Users meeting thought it was crazy. Please stand up for this vital link. The County Council has gone to great effort and expense to make this route a viable transport option. A major aim of the campaign is to mitigate the risks of using the A10. This proposal is simply a disaster.