City Deal Assembly recommend path to Melbourn is constructed

The City Deal Assembly has today (June 2nd) recommended that a path between Frog End, Shepreth to the northern edge of Melbourn be constructed. We welcome the recommendation and hope it will be adopted City Deal Board. Melbourn has a population of approaching 4500 and has many places that people from surrounding villages wish or need to travel to.

There have been media reports stating the recommendation is to complete the Melbourn to Royston route. This is not the case. This recommendation does not include a South Melbourn to Royston section. We are working hard on other avenues of funding for this section. Fingers crossed.

Some pictures from the awareness ride

Here are some photos from the awareness ride. The good news is you’ll notice that it’s now possible to chat in certain places riding side by side or to ride next to your children. We hope to have more of that soon. The bad news if there was no Royson ride this year. To organise these rides, you have to conduct a risk assessment. No one was nuts enough to say this end of of the route was OK to take an organised ride on for people of all ages and abilities.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us, organised the event and sent pictures.

An extra special thank you, once again, to Phillimore Garden Centre for letting us the field again.


Harston consultation – next phase

We have received the following information following the initial consultation for Harston:

Have your say –  A10 Harston Walking and Cycling Improvements

We would like to hear your views on Walking and Cycling improvements along the A10 in Harston.

The improvements include:

  • A controlled pedestrian crossing between Church Street and Station Road.
  • ‘Give Way’ markings on the cycleway at either side of the two junctions between High Street and Church Street.
  • ‘Keep Clear’ markings will be provided on the Cambridge bound side of High Street (Church Street junction) to help the traffic flow of cars turning right.
  • Additional parking bays will be provided near the village store to compensate for the removal of the lay-by on the Cambridge bound side of the road.
  • Improvements to the southern entrance of the petrol station to highlight the cycleway.
  • Pedestrian phase to be added to the traffic lights on the London Road junction.

For more information please see the attached leaflet or visit our website by Monday, 27 June.  

The design drawings can be viewed at the above link.

The PDF leaflet being distributed in Harston can be viewed or downloaded here


A cycle campaign for Bassingbourn

A group of like minded people are trying to start a campaign to try and push for a cyclepath between Bassingbourn and Royston. There have been a couple of incidents recently where people have been knocked off their bikes travelling on the A1198. 3 people on bicycles were driven into only a few weeks ago with some extremely unpleasant injuries sustained.  The A1198 is the only realistic choice for getting to Royston and the railway station etc. so this route is of great importance to the local area for non motorised users.

The meeting will be on Monday 21 March at 7pm at The belle pub, Mill Lane, Bassingbourn.

How much!

A letter in the Crow on Feb 11th stated that the Royston to Cambridge cycle pathway would cost around £70 million!

In fact the estimate for a bridge over the A505 is about £1.5 million, and a connecting path to Melbourn about £1 million.   The recently completed Harston Mill – Shepreth Lakes cycle path has come in under budget at around £1 million. 

To put these figures in context, a single carriageway road costs about 12 times as much per mile as a cycle path, with none of the associated health and environmental benefits.  The A10 paths are designed as ‘dual use’ for all non-vehicle users, providing safe route between villages for walkers, runners, mobility scooters and enabling children to ride or walk short distances independently.  

So far, funds spent on the A10 have come directly from Dept of Transport’s ‘Cycling Ambition Grant’ for projects to encourage more people to cycle safely, improve their physical/mental health and reduce congestion and pollution.  The fund is ringfenced and cannot be used to repair potholes, upgrade public toilets or other general purposes. 

A recent Dept of Transport report ‘Claiming the Health Dividend’ showed overwhelming value for money from investment in walking and cycling, reducing costs to the NHS from illnesses associated with inactive lifestyles.

Sponsored Santa Ride Report

Saturday December 19th saw us dress up, decorate our bikes and embark on our Sponsored Santa ride. About 20 members and councillors joined us at the start for a tour of the infrastructure around Royston.


All set to go

The purpose is to initiate match-funding opportunities toward a safe off-road A10 path and A505 bridge, linking Melbourn and Royston.

Although some high quality cycle path is being built at the northern end, the Melbourn-Royston stretch remains a rough walking track that has disintegrated and overgrown to such an extent that it resembles little more that a building site. The A10 roundabout at the A505 junction is a busy and dangerous crossing. We want to show Local, Regional and National Government and local businesses that we local residents are prepared to do our bit to help bring about much-needed safe cycling conditions.
Our JustGiving page,for community fundraising on missing A10 cycle links, can be found here. It is open until December 23rd. Donations are still welcome.

Some very good work has been done in Royston, particularly the railway underpass, so we made out way from the station out to the underpass, stopping the view the first class and hugely popular BMX track that has been built


Viewing the BMX track

We than headed down the A10/ A505 roundabout. There is a very good selection of cycle tracks here by the existing housing estate. We looked from the track and all envisaged how good the bridge would be. You are so close here to the employment, leisure centre, schools and other facilities that Royston and Melbourn have to offer. Those of us who had ridden in from Melbourn were all to painfully aware how difficult this is becoming for non-motorised users with the existing  path now in bits and the dual carriageway crossing extremely hostile at peak times.

Some shots around Royston including of the proposed bridge crossing site:

We followed the cycle paths past the school and leisure centre and were soon by the town centre. Quite a few children were excited to see Santa on his bike!


With a better cycle path, Santa could have brought has trailer along the A10 and filled his trailer with presents too!

We did a loop of the town centre and arrived back at the station, all happy to have had a ride and a get together.




A huge thank you to everybody who attended, especially so close the Christmas.

A massive thank you to all who have donated and left messages of support as well, helping to surpass our target.

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Foxton to Harston path progress

The progress has been rapid between Barrington Road and Harston Mill for part 1 of the scheme.

The final surface is now laid on this stretch. Initial reports are good, with people reporting a huge positive difference in the experience, especially with the recent poor weather, most notably the side winds that could make cycling on the old path a white knuckle experience.

The views from Barrington Road upto the bridge:

News update and Sponsored Santa

Since our campaign was launched in January 2013, we have come a long way toward creating a safe cycle link between Cambridge and Royston.  However we are in mid-stream and won’t achieve a complete link unless we push together in a determined way.  Please see below on where you can help in easy ways – thank you.  Some of the actions requested of you are conventional (writing letters of support) and others less so (scattering wildflower seed and cycling in a Santa hat).   But it is all genuinely helpful and your individual help is genuinely needed.


Detailed plans were created for the Melbourn-Royston link in 2014, when it was anticipated that Greater Cambridge City Deal funding would be allocated. Plans include a path linking the A10 at Royston Road Melbourn to the east side of the A505 roundabout, so entirely off-road on the east side of the A10 with an adjoining bridge over the A505.

Bridge Feasibility Study: Bridge plans have been further enhanced by Hertfordshire County Council’s Feasibility Study and will shortly be ready for your inspection. Please come to TAP Biosystems (Sartorius Stedim Biotech) opposite the Royal Mail depot on the Royston Industrial Estate on January 13th, 6:45 for 7:00PM (NOTE EARLY START) 

Funding strategies and Local Enterprise Partnerships: Approaches by councillors – Fiona Hill and Tony Hunter for Hertfordshire and Susan van de Ven and Aidan Van de Weyer for Cambridgeshire – have been made to the respective Local Enterprise Partnerships (Herts LEP and Cambs & Peterborough LEP) which are government-funded agencies helping to progress sustainable, strategic economic growth through infrastructure supporting employment.

Royston happens to sit within the boundaries of both LEPs, a fairly unique situation.  It is probably a more natural fit for the Cambs/Pet LEP but both must coordinate in a cooperative approach.  The A10 Corridor Cycle scheme is now regarded not as an aspiration, but a well-progressed project with a missing link between Melbourn-Royston – itself viewed as an important high-tech, biomedical employment sub-hub with a strong case for completing the Active Travel pedestrian/cycle links.

Sustrans: It is recognized that the Melbourn-Royston link would feed naturally into the existing Royston Sustrans network (including the Royston rail underpass which received a Sustrans award last month), and serve a growing cross-county border population that lives and works in the immediate area.

Readiness for Department for Transport (DfT) funding: It is not likely that the DfT will continue the Local Sustainable Transport Fund grants, however through new evidence pertaining to health savings arising from Active Travel, it is anticipated that new funding streams could arise, reflecting that wider remit. Please see DfT’s ‘Economic Case for Active Travel: Claiming the Health Dividend’:

To take advantage of any new DfT funding opportunities, we would be best placed for success if we can demonstrate a shovel-ready scheme that includes public support, with an element of community fundraising.  We will therefore 1) approach local businesses for funding pledges and 2) launch community fundraising, under the heading of ‘A10 Missing Links.’  To this end:

Sponsored Santa Cycle Ride, 12:15, Saturday December 19th, Royston Station, main cycle park on station entrance side. Please bring friends and family, dress up in as much Santa gear as you can muster, and meet for a cycle tour of the Royston Sustrans route.  (You can bring bikes on the train from Foxton, Shepreth or Meldreth Stations; trains arrive at Royston at 12:15.)  The event should take about 30 minutes at most.  This will be a sponsored cycle ride with proceeds going to the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign ‘A10 Missing Link’ fund which will be held in the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign Building Society account.

This event must be high profile, high impact: please mark the date in your diary and plan to be there – and bring half-a-dozen people with you! 

A sponsorship form for the Sponsored Santa can be downloaded and printed here

Other news:


The new cycle route between Harston Mill and Foxton is proceeding ahead of schedule. Foxton Level Crossing itself remains fundamentally problematic until Network Rail finds the wherewithal to progress level crossing closure and redesign.  For now we have to do our best with what we’ve got.  A small victory: Balfour Beatty will relocate their street lamp columns before not after the new path is put down in the level crossing vicinity.

Harston Village Path: See attached plan from Cambridgeshire County Council for a continuous 3-metre wide off-road dual use path on the west side of the High Street.  The path would be adjacent to the road, and a one-metre wide verge would be created between the path and private driveways.  Plans can be viewed at

Please express your support and any suggestions for improvement by filling out the online survey here or attending the public consultation events at Harston Village Hall on November 10 or 30, 6-8PM.  If positive support is NOT expressed, this will damage the prospects for the plan going forward and funding could be spent on another scheme elsewhere.  If all goes well, work should start in March 2016 and take three months to complete.

Seeding the new verges:South Cambridgeshire District Council Ecology Officer can provide a wildflower seed mix to cover the entirety of the A10 verge between Harston Mill and Barrington Road.  Because the County Council’s grass cutting budget has been reduced, with only two cuts per year are now carried out, a wildflower mix would mean less obstructive verge growth in addition to introducing greater biodiversity.   A team of volunteers is needed to help hand-scatter the seed – no digging or raking required this time.  Please inform if you can help for an hour at some point soon.  Demonstrating this kind of visible support is helpful to the overall cause.


Harston Village Path plans and consultation – Update

Cambridgeshire County Council have released their plans for a continuous 3-metre wide off-road dual use path on the west side of the High Street. The path would be adjacent to the road, and a one-metre wide verge would be created between the path and private driveways.

Please express your support and any suggestions for improvement by attending the public consultation event at Harston Village Hall on November 10 or 30, both from 6-8PM. If positive support is NOT expressed, this will damage the prospects for the plan going forward and the funding could be spent on another scheme elsewhere. If all goes well, work could start around March 2016 and take three months to complete.

The plans can be viewed or downloaded below

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A link to Cambs CCs consultation page can be viewed here

Consultation dates announced for the Harston path

Cambs CC now has draft plans showing different options for proposed new cycle path through Harston. These will be on display at consultation evenings on Nov 10th & 30th, Harston Village Hall, 6-8pm.

Please attend the consultation if you can. With alternate routes, such as Fowlmere to Newton, becoming increasingly busy and subsquently hostile to non motorised traffic, the A10 path is becoming cyclings last hope to many of us at rush hour times. This link is essential to cycling from the South.

A brief summary is given below:

– Proposed plans show a 3m wide track on west side of A10, with a new 1m verge next to private property boundaries, allowing cars emerging from driveways greater visibility.

– Cambs CC has said it would cut back boundary hedges and provide hard standing for bins, so that bins are not left on the track, obstructing cycle traffic.

– Pavement on east side of A10 is unchanged, although lay-by on west side of A10 opposite shop will lose space, but eastern lay-by will gain some and some crossing points will be moved.

– Alternative proposal to site path behind the village would not be economically viable, due to necessary land purchase for path and access routes and additional concerns of lighting and personal safety.