Making Connections consultation – please respond

We will be taking advantage of the opportunity to respond to this landmark Greater Cambridge Partnership consultation on the future of sustainable transport in our area.  

A more frequent and cheaper bus service, offering early, late and new services to ensure people can get to education and jobs without needing access to private car transport, forms the backbone of the proposals.  A Cambridge ‘Sustainable Travel Zone’ congestion charge would form part of the package as a funding stream to sustain bus services, coming in only after an improved bus network is established.  Walking and cycling improvements complement the expansion of public transport.  We encourage people to read through the whole of the consultation document to gain a full picture, before responding.  

Please do respond – and encourage any young people in your household to do so as well, adding their voices to help shape future transport and accessibility choices.

We would welcome any views ahead of submitting our response to the consultation which closes 23 December.