Harston Foxton path update

We are delighted to hear of the imminent work on the A10 cycle path between Harston Mill and Foxton Level Crossing, commencing north and working south. This would then continue south from the level crossing to Shepreth Lakes.
Work on Harston itself is being treated as a separate project; the County cycling team is currently working with Harston parish.
For now: please look at the linked plan and feel free to send any comments to us. The bit that needs a careful look is the approach to Foxton Level Crossing.

You can view or download the plans from here.

John Stanley, from Cambs CC, is endeavouring to avoid a narrowing of the path at Hoffers Brook – this is a work in progress.
We are working with Balfour Beatty to make sure they replace their street lamp posts BEFORE the path is created! Congartulations to all there.
Looking to clean up area around Foxton crossing for better cycle parking whe using the railway- details to come.
– Duration of scheme = 20 weeks (not including holidays – so Christmas/New Year will add extra time)
– 2 way temp traffic lights in place for 75 days
– 3 way temp traffic lights in place for 25 days
– 3 man traffic management crew

In order to minimise the disruption they will be working restricted hours; (09:30 – 15:30).

They will also be utilising night working. This saved us 10 weeks from the original programme.
If you are free Tuesday 22 September at 13:30, please come to Foxton Level Crossing where we will take a group photo for publicity, to coincide with the start of works next week. As many people as possible would be much appreciated.
That’s it for now – There will of course be updates on everything at our next meeting, 15 October at TAP Biosystems in Royston.