Foxton end of the new A10 path

A few of us met with a representative from Cambs CC to talk about the new path at the Foxton level crossing area. Many thanks to all who turned out to actually look at the situation. It’s enlightening to see how differently people use the crossing.

A couple of the points that were raised were:

The refuge island is in danger of causing a pinch point for anyone on the road, worsening the current  situation. This should be moved as far North as possible to the area where the road is three lanes wide.

The entry to the path heading North from Barrington Road should extend around the corner of  the A10 to provide a convenient entry.

The level crossing itself. Oh that level crossing. As it is, there is not an obvious through route without a severe pinch point. Discussions are ongoing with Network Rail with all sorts of ideas that go as far as widening the gates and removing the grass verge on the North East side. It should be stressed that this is just discussion for now, so don’t expect anything soon, but we are doing our best.

It’s not too late to have your say. Our AGM on Thursday 16th of October would be a great time to have your say.