Closure of the A10 gate at Foxton – Your help needed

Network Rail is persisting with its proposal to close the self-locking pedestrian gate on the Barrington side of Foxton Level Crossing.

This would sever the brand-new A10 pedestrian/cycleway, forcing people to cross the A10 twice – once over and once back to re-join, after traversing the level crossing through the station-side gate.  Not only would this hugely increase risk to the individual user but it would dis-incentivise use of the new path.  The A10 cycleway is funded by the Department for Transport and the biggest risk point challenges, as you know, are crossings of the A10.

Respond directly to Network Rail by Thursday 29 September.  Go to this website for an overview of the wider proposals: and choose ‘Information for Cambridge.’ Then, ‘C06 Barrington Road.’

or a direct link to the online survey can be found here is you are familiar with the proposals: