Campaign updates

1.  A505 Bridge funding:  We’ve set up a new crowd-funding link, with a target of £1000.  Please feel free to share this link:
Thanks to all in Royston who are working very hard on key sources of bridge funding.
2.  A Melbourn Village College student living in Royston has conducted a cycling survey of fellow students, which he will present to the Greater Cambridge Partnership Board meeting Nov 22.  Two employees of Melbourn Science Park will also be attending to ask the Board to support funding of a path from Melbourn-Royston.  The survey will be published on our website shortly.
3.  The existing A10 path north of Melbourn has had a hedge and verge cut, and will be sided out and swept once the leaves have dropped – thanks to the grant from AstraZeneca.  There should have been a hedge and verge cut in August, which is why things got so badly overgrown – we are on the case to make sure things are done properly in future.
4.  Would you like to drive a mechanical sweeper on the A10 path?  South Cambs District Council has asked local councillors if we would help initiate and oversee a ‘community volunteer sweeping scheme’. This is not an ideal situation, but it’s where we are.  Training would take place next month.  If you are interested, please could you let me know.
5.  Our Campaign Committee meets Nov 22, 8PM, at the Shepreth Plough, Spitfire Table.  Anyone who’d like to come along would be very welcome. We’ll be catching up on funding progress and planning the AGM.